Maintaining a positive energy level has helped me in undergoing some extraordinary projects.

The story goes back in Romania when I started my Bachelor’s Degree. During university I had several extracurricular activities: three years volunteering in the largest global organization for students, AIESEC; attending independent international courses; one short internship in Brazil and another one in Romania. All this time I managed to keep a reasonable balance between school, volunteering and internships. Eventually everything boils down to: a straight A for my Bachelor’s thesis, international experience and an invaluable on-the-job experience.

Next step was my Master’s Degree in Denmark. After studying one year in a totally different country from what I had experienced before, I took the opportunity of doing an internship abroad.

This time, Portugal.  So I switched again to another culture embracing the new challenge enthusiastically. In the meantime I started writing my master thesis with GlaxoSmithKline Portugal. Wonder what happened with my master eventually? Graduated successfully in December 2012.

Go to my Experience to read more about the skills I’ve gained during all my professional activities!



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