Diana applied for an internship in Frotcom International, in the area of Marketing and Distribution Network Management. During the internship, which took about one year, Diana was always extremely responsible and showed a permanent willingness to learn and evolve in her work, which became the main reason for her highly efficient work. I recommend Diana without hesitation to a future employer and wish her all the best in her new job.(source: LinkedIn)

                                     – Valério Marques, CEO at Frotcom International

Diana is creative, focused and extremely high energy. She is always willing to learn. I value her insights and her straightforward approach. (source: LinkedIn)

– Nuno Liñan da Silva, Chief Marketing Officer at Frotcom International 

Diana was one of the finalists in our internship program. She showed a positive attitude, very charismatic and always with a idea in her head. She enjoyed being part of the team and worked efficient even if most of them met there for the first time. (source: LinkedIn)

– Alex Moldovan, Trainer at Azimut Teambuilding

Diana has worked for us as an on-line marketing consultant. She was extremely involved and interested in all development opportunities to contribute to the growth of the organization. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. She is very proactive, creative, and motivated and she managed to bring us a brand new (and positive) perspective about the on-line promotional tools and their application in the organization. (source: LinkedIn)

– Fabiana Scarda, Owner at Instituto Cidade Jardim

I have had the pleasure of supervising Diana while she was doing her master thesis. Diana is a hard working and competent person with the ability to reflect upon own personal development and development of organizational systems leading to mutual benefits. (source: LinkedIn)

– Henrik R Christensen, Associate Professor, Chairman at Richardy Consult

Diana has had an amazing impact on the organization through her drive and passion with which she inspired other members to have the same commitment in the work they do. She always brought different perspectives to the systems and processes inside the organization and she was always strongly attracted by the multiculturalism promoted in AIESEC, making connections with members from all over the world.

– Vice President HR (2008-2009), AIESEC Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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