Welcome to my Portfolio

By setting up this e-portfolio I intend to display some of my work in the area of Communication, PR and Marketing. Supported by different audio-visuals, this WordPress billboard will get you through everything you need to know about me.


  1. Experience
  2. Education
  3. Skills and competencies
  4. Timeline
  5. Contact

One can easily guess that proofreading stays at the core of one’s professional armoury, especially if we talk about marketing┬ácommunication. Because English is not my native language, the proofreading work is double + I’m also a perfectionist when it comes to writing. But bear with me even if you find a tiny typo. In case you do, then please raise the red flag and send me your feedback. I would highly appreciate it!

Thanks for taking the time to know me better!

You can connect with me through:


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